The Team

claudia daniClaudia und Daniel Greb-Schorta

It is our aim to make people happy on horses - on a after our oppinion unique horse breed in the world, that amazes us daily about its sensibility, its willingness and its people oriented character. To discover the talents of our creator that he laid in humans as well as in horses and to promote those talents individually exites us.


Hanni und Gian Schortahanniundgian

Claudia Greb’s parents also live on the farm. They are valuable supporters. We can always count on them.
Hanni Schorta teaches the riding lessons for the 8 - 12 year old children on our six Shetland ponies.


Lucia Sorannoluciasorrano

Support in the barn range


Melanie Mallmelanie

Support in the barn range


Deborah Braundeborah

Pferdefachfrau EFZ Fachrichtung Gangpferdereiten






Lienne Dostertlienne

Pferdefachfrau EFZ Fachrichtung Gangpferdereiten in Ausbildung